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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Current Balance is the amount in your account for sold items that have not been paid out yet. The "Balance as of" amount is calculated based on your account balance as of the 1st day of the current month. Cheques are issued on or after the 15th of the month for payable amounts over $25. We notify you by email when there is a cheque ready for pick-up.
If you dropped off items today to be consigned, it may take up to a few days for them to be processed and displayed in our showrooms. It really depends on the item. Generally larger pieces are showcased the same day, but smaller items get queued for processing since we typically get a large number of them. Keep checking back often as they will show up here when entered.
Check the "My Items" page to see a list of all your items and item history. If you click on the item number link, it will search our website for that item and show you the results. However, if the item has been returned to you, they will no longer be visible in our online catalogue. Sold items only remain listed on our webstie for 30 days, so you many not see them as well.
Your email address links your store account(s) and cannot be changed automatically. Changing it would result in disconnecting your online access to your consingor account(s). If you need to change it, please contact for assistance so we can ensure you don't lose access to your acccounts here.
Yes!! Many of our consignors have multiple accounts set up at The Singing Lady. Some are for family members and some consignors are professional downsizers and manage multiple accounts for their clients. As long as the primary email address for those accounts are the same, you can access all of them from this web site.